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Llamica runs Large Language Models locally on your devices. It's use popullar awesome LLM inteference tools under the hood such as Ollama and MLX

By pre-ordering the license, you will have access to the early access, beta version of the Llamica app and can purchase the license at the reduced price. The license remains valid when the app is released officially.

I'm targeting to release the app official at the end of May 2024. I want to take time to polish the app and implement actions that are most requested by users.

In the future, some functionalities would not work with App Sandboxing. Without App Sandboxing, the app can not be published in the Mac App Store.

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14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. To do so, simply send us an email at llamica.antran.app@gmail.com. Please send me your feedback though. I'd love to improve the app to win you as my customer again.

The best way to reach out for support is to drop a message on X (twitter) or email llamica.antran.app@gmail.com.


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